Lightnings 1.0.0

Lightnings Sample

The release had a long production time and for this reason there is a very long history with fixing of many bugs, and many adding of new features.

In this page there is only a little summary of these news.

From trng version, has been added the lightning effect.

You can customize it in many ways: to do work it like lightnings from the sky in random way (A Picture), or like am electric conductor between two given points (B Picture).

With version you can also add background images to loading level screen, inventory screen and pause/options/statics screen (C Picture).

There is a new customize for binocular (D Picture), where you can, other to add a new graphic/image mask, show infos about compass data, sextant (to discover vertical rotation of the view, zoom factor and sensory of lightness.

More, you can set some flag, in binoculars customization, to modify the speed of zooming in/out and to increase the max zoom factor, from the old (about 4 x) to the new of 40x.

There are many other new skills in version, the most importants are the followings:

* Added new setup window in tomb4.exe.

Now you can start setup, keeping down the CTRL key while the game is starting up.

In the setup windows there new emergency settings to fix problems with images, movies, slowing down or flickering.

Some of these emergency settings are very important to fix troubles under Windows7/8 operative systems and images or FMVs.

* Added some directive to NG Center to include files (#include), define temporary constants (#define), to get more clean and well-sorted the script.

* In NGLE (new room editor) has been added a customizable new window where you can add buttons to reproduce skills about well-known commands of the program. Using buttons as shortcuts for keyboard or menu commands to get them more fast and easy.

* In NG Center have been increased max number of occurences for many script commands: TriggerGroup, GlobalTrigger, Organizer ect.

Pratically now you can type a most number of these commands in same level section.

* Now you can use eastern charset in tomb raider level. This means you can use chinese, japanese, turkish or russian characters (and many others) to show texts in game.

* Added new text effects like: flying text (where the text is at begin very little and its size grows fastly), blinking text (changing the size big/little in ritmic way), or changing color (where different nuance of colors will be changed in fast way for same text).

* Fixed many bugs about: Elevator, CUST_KEEP_DEAD_ENEMIES, explosion of dogs and mummies, extension of dynamic lights number (now it works with 127 lights versus the old 32 lights), little (useless) button over ng_center window, binoculars with keyboard commands for inventory, pause screen, Diary for font size, showing images, lasersight mode, flyby triggers ect. ect.

* It has been addes a complete set of new skills to manage cutscenes (E Picture): now you can change heads of lara and other enemies to simulate speeching or other moods. You can use a "cutscene" camera to change quicly and easily view for different actors.

The new demo recorder allows to you to show from title many suggestive scenes of your adventure in advance.

* It has been added to "Tools3" panel the audio converter tool to convert wav files in right format for sound/samples folder, or to convert from mp3 and wav and viceversa.

* In NGLE has been added a new setting to improve the speed of drawing rooms in Draw Room mode.