Savegame Panel 1.0.0

With the new savegame panel you have different advantages:

From version, trng is able to support a new Savegame Panel to load or save the game.

You have to use the script command SavegamePanel to choose background image and layout to use.

With the new savegame panel you have different advantages:

1) You can have an image for each savegame selected, in this way for the player will be more easy look for a specific savegame.

2) You can have more than 15 savegame slot, but you can choose freely the number of savegames managable in same moment. (Max 100 savegame slots)

3) For each selected savegame the player may see informations about some internal values of that savegame: number of medipack, available weapons, secrets, distance ect.

4) You can create your custom backbground image and choose between 7 different layouts, where for "layout" we mean the disposition of different zones: savegame list, savegame image and (optional) savegame info.

In left picture you can see some of above layouts.

If you choose a layout where the info savegame frame is missing, you can use that empty zone to draw a logo of your adventure or some other amazing look.