Statics Demo 1.0.0

Statics Demo

This project requires TRNG version or higher.

In this ample there are examples about following topics:

A) Huge Collision. To handle static bigger than 6x6 sectors (Picture A)

In old tomb4, a statics can't have a size bigger than 6x6 sectors. If you tried to create statics bigger than 6x6 the collision didn't work fine, and lara was able to "enter" in some side of these huge statics.

B) Ocb to set a transparency level for each static. You can choose between Ice transparency or Glass transparency (see picture B)

C) Flipeffect trigger to add pulse color effect to statics. See picture C, the static column changes endless its color tone.

D) Explosions of static. Setting correct ocb you can transform each static in a bomb that will explode when lara touches it.

In picture D you can see what happen if lara touches a static (a vase)

E) Moving statics. Now you can move statics within same room.

In picture E you can see a little red missile (it is moving very fastly) hit lara killing her whereby an explosion (picture F).

In this demo there is also an example of Hard Shatter, i.e. a static with a correct ocb could become very hard to be destroyed.

The hard shatters can be destroyed only using explosive weapons, but the common weapons (pistols, revolver, common crossbow ammos) cann't shatter it.

Remark: Also vheicles, rollingballs and sphinx are able to destroy an hard shatter.

In this demo there are examples also about other ocb to set in statics to get them able to poison, burn or damage lara at touching.

This is an abstract of description of Static OCB you can find in Reference panel of NG_Center:

From TRNG version you can set in each static object some OCB codes to set following features:

4 = Disable collision. Lara could pass across the static

8 = Set Glass Transparence. The static will have a glass transparency effect

16 = Set Ice Transparence. The static will have a light transparence, like the ice

32 = Damage Lara on physical contact. The static injures lara if she touches it. The damage removes 10 hp to lara (full vitality= 1000) anyway you can change this value using CUST_SET_STATIC_DAMAGE in Customize script command.

64 = Burns Lara on physical contact. Lara will be burned anyway she will have yet some time to search water to save her.

128 = Explode killing Lara on physical contact. With this ocb you can transform this static in a sort of mine.

256 = Poison lara on physical contact. Lara will be poisoned when she touches the static. You can change the poison intensity using CUST_SET_STATIC_DAMAGE in Customize script command.

512 = Huge Collision. Inform the trng engine that current static has a collision box larger than 6 x 6 sector.

1024 = Hard Shatter. In old tomb4 the shatter objects went destroyed by every weapon other by Skeleton and Templar. If you add 1024 to ocb of some shatter object you can increase its hardness and the static will be destroyed only by explosive ammo (not flash grenade)

, sphinks, jeep, sidecar and Rollingball (if it has correct OCB).

2048 = Heavy Trigger on contact. When Lara touches a static with OCB 2048 the heavy trigger placed under the static will be activated.


*You can add above values but you cann't add the two different type of transparence.

For example if you want the static was like glass and with no collision you can type in OCB window the value (8 + 4 =) 12

Other example:

To transform a static in a bomb was able to explode lara and burn her: 64+128 = 192

*You can change in game time these attributes using the "Static. ..." flipeffects.