Text anzeigen "Text. Print Screen..." formatieren

  • im NG Center bei "New Script Commands" kannste auch die Einstellungen nachlesen.

    Syntax: TextFormat=Color (CL_...), FormatFlags (FT_...) , BlinkTime, SizeCharacterMenu (SC_...)

    Scope: To use in [Level] section or [Title] section


    Color = CL_... values (see constant list) to set default color for print string flipeffect

    FormatFlags = FT_... values (see constant list) to set default position of text, default size and further blink or stretch characters

    Note: You can add to FT values for text position the two flags FT_NARROW_CHARS and FT_BLINK_CHARS and all FT_SIZE.. flags using '+' character.



    In this way you set gold color as color, you set top center as position and (plus) you set also blinking characters way.

    Remark: remember this setting work only for text you print using print text flipeffect.

    If you want change size of tomb characters you have to set a SC_ .. value in SizeCharacters field (see belove).

    BlinkTime = Numeric value to signal interval for blinking when you set also flag FT_BLINK_CHARS in FormatFlags parameter

    Note: for blink time you can use only power by 2 values, like: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128

    SizeCharacterMenu = Costant value SC_ type to change default size of character in tomb4 menu.

    Remark: differently by values of FT_ flags, the value you set in SizeCharacter field will effect only tomb raider default texts (menu, options, but not the legend string) but this setting will have no effect on flipeffect print text. For this reason you should use this field only in [Title] section in this way:


    While when you use TextFormat in [Level] section you should type in this field always IGNORE, otherwise the text for menu of tomb raider will change in irregular way in according with last level played.

    Currently you can select only one of following values in this field:


    Don't change anything. The characters will have usual size


    It will be reduced by half the width of characters, while the height will be not changed


    It will be reduced by half the height of characters, while the width will be not changed


    This value reduce by half both width and height of characters


    Set double width for characters, untouched the height


    Set double height for characters, untouched the width


    Se double width and double height for characters.

    Default values for TextFormat command:

    If you don't set any TextFormat command for current level, the default values will be used are:



    (1) You can change the settings for text also in game with some flipeffects, anyway to avoid to waste too much triggers for text formatting it's better to use this script command to set default values.

    (2) Other to use some FT_... value to set position of text you can also add to specific string some format characters to change furtherly the position of text on screen. For example if you use a FT_TOP_LEFT but you are not happy to see the text overlapped to vitality bar you can start your text with character couple: "\n" (n = newline) in this way a first empty row will be printed and the visible text will start in lower position.

    If you want move more right a LEFT alignment you can start each row of your text with character couple: "\t" (t = tabulation)


    \tHi world\n\tI'm very happy to be here

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