Kayak 1.0.0

Kayak TRNG Sample

The kayak has been imported from Tomb Raider III, the Mudubu level.

With kayak, differently by motor-boat and rubber-boat, it's possibile go down from rapids (Picture A).

In this level you find two different types of rapids, with transparent waterfall (picture A), or opaque waterfall (picture B).

You can set different OCB for kayak to enable some features, like "look-at" feature, mist effect on the rapids or in the normal moving.

In this demo you find also an example of the new pool-whirl efffect (picture C), where Lara (with kayak, motorboat, rubber-boat, or stand-alone) could be sucked in it (picture D), killing her.

Some OCB codes of kayak are used to enable new go-on-board custom animations.

The speech is a bit complicated so if you are interested you should read carefully the OCB for kayak in OCB DESCRIPTION section of Reference panel of NG_Center program.

Like for other demos, you can use all objects you find in enclosed wads.