Miscellanous 1 1.0.0

Sample Collection 1

This is a playable demo, you have to pass some traps and difficulties.

In this demo there are demostration about usage of following topics:

A) How to use UV scrolling texture and new pyshics triggers, to simulate a tapis roulant. In picture A, lara was moved by tapis roulant.

How create a saving method like in tomb raidr 3, where to save the game it was necessary find a blu crystal to use when you want save the game.

If you look carefully, in picture A you can see an hole in the wall with blue lights, well in that hole there is a blue crystal, the only way to save the game in this demo.

Study the script.txt to discover how this method has been realized. You have to remove the common Save Memory Card object from inventory (this disable also the F5 key to save the game) and then create a global trigger to perform a saving only when lara select from inventory a given item: the blue crystal.

B) How to use fragmented triggers to create sensory grid. In picture B you can see the final result. Lara has to avoid the yellow/red pulsing linee because otherwise she will be fired.

You can modify this example also to enable other triggers instead to burn lara, for example to engage an alarm system, and replace the simple drawn of strips with 3d statics like red laser rays.

C) How to use triggers to move items (moveables) and command script ItemGroup, to create a spiked moving ceiling.

In picture C the ceiling move endless up and down.

D) How modify in run-time the weather.

In pictures D and following, upto K picture, you can see the changed performed in game using an Organizer script command to syncronize the times to engage different triggers to modify the weather.

The sky starts from almost clear (D picture) then it becomes cloudy, it starts a light rain (non very visible in E and F pictures) and tunders and lights, at end starts to snow.

Another interesting demostration in this sample, is about how create the effect of snow that, progressivly, get white the meadow that, at start was dark gree (picture D), until to reach a white meadow (picture K)

This "whiting" effect has been get using P-Frames animated textures, where the single texture applied on floor were changed after some time interval, with other whiter textures.