Miscellanous 2 1.0.0

Sample Collection 2

You have to rebuild .tr4 and .dat files before playing this demo.

In this demo you find a demonstration of the new bridge collisions with an html tutorial showing features, tips and tricks to get best results with this new kind of collisions.

Thanks to the bridge objects mixed with conditional fragmented triggers you can create hanged footbridges with new shapes.

In picture A you can see a ring where lara is able to walk or to fall down in the middle hole.

Increasing the depth (height) of the bridge collision (and you may do this using the new OCBs for bridges) you can use a invisible bridge to simulate a precise collision of some item, like the column of picture B.

That column has a round collision where lara is able to walk over or around.

Another skill of the bridge is that you can create slope with tilt grather than 2 where lara is able to walk without sliding. (Picture C)

In fact, now, there are new bride objects: the BRIDGE_TILT3, BRIDGE_TILT4 and the BRIDGE_CUSTOM where you can set the tilt grade using some OCB values.

Other the bridge collisions, in this demo you find also some example about the new scaling (resizing) feature. Now you can change the size of static items, using ocb values or in dynamic way with some new flipeffect triggers. In the picture D the lion changes its size in dynamic way. You can reduce or magnify any static of different times to different speed.

Another new feature showed in the Miscellanous II, it's that about the sprites.

Now you can show 2d sprite over the screen like they were little images. (Picture E)

It has been added a new sprite object named CUSTOM_SPRITES where you can store many images to show on the screen in single way or combing them like a grid to get wider images.

The sprites, respect to the show image flipeffects, have the advantage that you can show more than one image at once, and you can use also semitrasparent sprites and you can colorize them, too.