New font 1.0.0

New fonts for TRNG Sample

This demo has been changed respect than 2008 version, now it has been added also a sliding text example, and the movemnt of vertical scrolling text has been enhanced.

This sample is important for the enclosed wad file where you can find the new FONT_GRAPHICS object.

You can change the font using the NG Font Editor tool you find in Tools panel of NG_Center, anyway you have to copy the original FONT_GRAPHICS object in your wad before modifying it with Font Editor.

In this short sample you can see the new different formatting available for characters (Picture A)

You can change the size about width or height, or to use some fixed size fonts.

This demo shows also two interesting flipeffect triggers to show scrolling text in vertical (Picture C) or horizontal, like a single fast-info strip (Picture B)

In above example (A and B) the text is moving, upward for Picture C and from right to left in Picture B.


1) There is a boring bug when you use new ng font in a wad file where there is also a waterfall object. The animated texture of waterfall could be compromised and it could appear like a texture with literals (A C F ecc).

I tried to fix this bug but it happens in wad merger, when it creates the new .swd file with textures.

2) When you build the script.dat remember to copy in SCRIPT folder also the files: "Text_DisableInput.txt", "Text_FontDescription.txt" and "Tex_MultiSize.txt", because they are used as external string and they will be put in english.dat when you build the script.