Stand-by Mode 1.0.0

This demo show some usage of StandBy script command.

This demo show some usage of StandBy script command.

The standby used in native mode, is a sort of auto-demo that starts in game when the player don't give game commands for some time.

The main target of standby, in native mode, is to show the face of Lara. Sinche in game lara is looked always from back it is a nice news seeing finally also the beauty face of Lara.

The native standby require a StandBY command with ID = 1.

If you place other StandBy commands in same [Level] section, you'll have to type different IDs, of course. These additional standby will be never played byself, but you can enable them using the flipeffect: "Camera. Enable the <&>StandBy camera effect for (E)seconds"

The reason to use a standby via flipeffect, could be to have a sort of easy flyby camera. For example if you use the TSB_PANORAMA type, and you set a large Distance field, you can show a large side of first side of your level avoiding to create a complicated flyby sequence.

The Standby commands you see in the script.txt supplied in this demo, are only examples and you can change them as you wish. For example you could use a matrix or panoram effect for the native standby (id=1). Anyway in this case remember to use the FSB_DISABLE_ON_CRAMPED_SPACE flag, because, otherwise, the standby could begin when lara is covered by many walls and the result in game could be very poor.

If you don't wish disable the standby in cramped spaces a solution could be to use a standby that doesn't require large space around to lara, to work correcly. For example a portrait type, with a short Distance (less than 1024) and the FSB_IMMEDIATE flag to avoid the first phase when the camera from back moves and turns to reach the position in front of Lara.