patches.flp 1.0.19

In dieser Datei für FLEP, sind die Einträge enthalten, womit man die tomb4.exe bearbeiten kann.


Seit dieser Version wird die Engine anders gepatcht. Es wird nicht mehr die tomb4.exe gepatcht, sondern eine "patches.bin" Datei. Dadurch sollte kein Anti Virus Programm mehr anspringen, wenn man den Ordner öffnet, welche eine geänderte tomb4.exe beinhaltet.

Die patches Datei wird öfters von einigen Mitgliedern im erweitert. Ganz aktiv ist das Mitglied "ChocolateFan".

Original Thema welches sich um FLEP dreht:

Aktuelles Update (stand 24.05.2020, welches natürlich morgen nicht mehr aktuell sein kann)




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  • Version 1.0.19

    New patches:

    • Add dynamic lighting to statics
    • Disable "Hang game thread" on lost focus
    • Save Turn Switch direction

    New commands:

    • Original bridges

    Updated patches:

    • Force bilinear filtering


  • Version 1.0.18

    Fixed patches:

    • Font Colour Customization

    Updated patches:

    • Burning torch customizer

    New patches:

    • Level secrets counter

    FLEP now comes with Plugin_FLEP. This new plugin will allow the creation of patches with less effort, as well as better integration with TRNG. Each patch will tell in the description which script commands are used and their goal.

    New patches:

    • Disable mummy follow block
    • Fix Lara's elbows

    "Fix Lara's elbows" fixes the bug where Lara's elbows would collapse when holding weapons or a flare. With this patch, reducing the details of her elbow mesh as a workaround is no longer required.


  • Version 1.0.17

    Added patches:

    • Change blood sprite
    • FLEP number
    • Disable harmless Sentry Gun behaviour
    • Burning torch customizer
  • Version 1.0.16

    New patches:

    • Save ropes
    • Fix rope glitch
  • Version 1.0.15

    New patches:

    • Keep dead enemies
    • Change health and air bar low levels
    • Rope drop
  • Version 1.0.14

    New patches:

    • Plugin integrity check
  • Version 1.0.13

    New patches:

    • Force bilinear filtering off
    • Safe flare throw
  • Version 1.0.12

    Added patches:

    - Fix bridge bug

    - Corner shimmy without pressing Action

    - Fix flashes

    - Fix flipmap lighting

    - Fix hardcoded lighting

    - Remove LARA_NO sound for crowbar

    - Hair collision with floor

  • Version 1.0.11

    New patches:

    • Remove KNIGHTS_TEMPLAR health regeneration
    • Fix multi-mesh inventory item drawing
    • Disable shotgun smoke sprite
    • Remove Knights Templar sparks
  • Version 1.0.10

    Fixed patches:

    • Objects Customizer - Squishy Block 2 No Tremble
    • Static collision
    • Enable gliding camera
    • Fix collision when swimming on water surface

    Added patches:

    • Stop Ahmet from activating heavy triggers
    • Fix body parts persistence
    • Jeep explosion after falling
    • Ammo Counter - Shotgun 6x Divider OFF
    • Fix Lara's crowbar door positioning
    • Customize Hotkeys
    • Font Colour Customization
    • Ammo type options - Menu Button Show/Hide
    • Ammo type options - Shotgun
    • Ammo type options - Grenade Gun
    • Ammo type options - Crossbow
    • Disable LoadScreens