Tomb Editor 1.2.11

  • Tomb Editor 1.2.11

    Heute wurde Tomb Editor 1.2.11 veröffentlicht.


    Heute wurde Tomb Editor 1.2.11 veröffentlicht.


    Tomb Editor:

    • Add new "Find untextured" feature
    • Add scaling to texture remap tool
    • Add extra checkbox for merged statics to replace room ambient light with static color
    • Specify source/destination in find & replace window based on where the item was dropped
    • Change the way TRNG flipeffects/actions/conditions are listed to preserve alphabetical sorting
    • Limit camera distance to prevent annoying zoom slowdown
    • Import objectless prjs without error
    • Properly display imported geometry names on prj2 loading
    • Fix for death + climb floordata flag combination
    • Fix invisible objects picking
    • Fix nullref exception with missing sound catalogs
    • Fix item browser reset on paste object action
    • Fix inconsistent texture mirroring on ceiling while using group and grid paint texturing tools
    • Attempt to fix texture sorting exception on resource reload
    • Add texture info diagnostics for possible system-specific compile issues


    • An option to alphanumerically sort meshes on model/animation import
    • Collect and play custom sounds from reference level in animcommand editor
    • Additional safety measures to prevent potential wad2/prj2 corruption if saving was unsuccessful
    • Fix corruption of EndFrame value with null animations re-saved from pre-1.2.9 wad2s
    • Fix index out of range exception if anim parameters were edited with mousewheel