Tomb Editor 1.2.10 veröffentlicht

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    List of changes:

    Tomb Editor:

    • Add "Search & Replace objects" feature
    • Add short NG trigger names as prefixes
    • Add option to pick texture without blending mode and double-sided attribs
    • Fix room effect value of 1
    • Fix broken textures on imported geometry if same level texture set is used
    • Fix occasional floordata generation bug
    • Fix inability to cancel "Set ambient light for selected rooms" action
    • Implement undo for changing light colour
    • Remove triggers to nonexistent targets on room removal
    • Prevent lock-ups when prj2 with broken trigger with nonexistent target is selected


    • Add "Copy" button to animcommand editor
    • Prevent exceptions while reference project without sounds is loaded
    • Fix some more geometry import bugs
    • Fix state change editor foolproofing
    • Unset "Prefer 32-bit" flag which caused WT to stop working on some Win10 systems


    • Fix misplaced samples warning condition
  • Es gibt einen Fix wegen Flipmap Room Lightning.

    Ist ab heute im Intaller und Zip Datei drin. Wer gestern das Update heruntergeladen hat, entweder den Fix so einfügen oder 1.2.10 neu runterladen.

    Zitat Lwmte:

    For everybody: I have already updated installer in the morning today with this bugfix, if you have installed TE 1.2.10 yesterday, use the patch from my previous message or re-download full zip/installer and reinstall TE if you want. If you just installed TE today, then there's no need to do that.

    Flipmap Fix

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