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    Hi all

    Have you guys noticed Aspidetr website being in maintenance for months now? I am not sure what happened, is it offline just like LLB? Is anyone able to get in contact with the website owners? I really hope it's not down otherwise it would be another sad news for TRLE/TE community :(

    Danke für die Information! Meine zwei Objekte habe ich dort nicht gefunden, das erklärt auch, warum sie nicht funktionieren.

    Einzige Ausnahme ist das Objekt „Crumbling_Floor“, wenn ich das benutzen will, stürzt das Spiel ab, bevor ich ins Hauptmenü komme. Laut TENLog gibt es keinen Fehler und „Level loading complete“.

    Crumbling floor hasn't been ported in 1.1.0 though it has been ported and will be available in TEN 1.1.1

    Join us as we celebrate the engine's 1st Anniversary with a short compilation of movement sets, enhancements, released TEN levels as well as a short compilation of future TEN levels!

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    Hab mir schon sowas gedacht… Hatte nach der Hilfestellung nur kein Echo erwartet.

    Der Venedig-Teil ist durchgespielt. Ja, gut… ein paar Baustellen sind noch. Den Hinweis auf eine Geheimnis-Rose habe ich nicht gesehen. Wann und durch welche Handlung die Tür im Bogen über dem Kanal aufgeht, hinter der sie liegt, ist mir verborgen geblieben. Ebenso das Öffnen der Tür, die sie beim Start des Levels im Rücken hat. Sie führt auf eine Plattform-Baustelle mit Blick auf – ich denk mal – Venedig.

    Die Stadt samt Hubschrauber ist allerdings auch durch eine fehlende Textur im ersten Zimmer auf dem Weg zur zweiten Brechstange zu bewundern. Da wurde geschlampt. Ansonsten: Kann man gut spielen. Der zweite Level dieses Werkes durfte wohl schon mehrfach durch die Spieler getestet werden (Beginn Autowerkstatt, dann Kanalisation). Ich erinnere mich, dass da einiges nicht so richtig funktionierte. Na, mal sehen!

    Oh dear, it really shows how Pedro doesn't care about quality of his levels and misses very critical errors like this.

    I think the final nail in the coffin is in his TRF thread where he simply brushed off suggestions and feedback from 2 people

    Hey :)

    I also had the problem with lanterns poles. I eventually made it by making lara hit the middle of the lantern because of their bad collision.

    Unfortunately, Pedro doesn't care about quality of his levels so expect to see more issues along your way.

    Hey guys!

    New version of TE and TEN came out:

    Release Version 1.6.7 · TombEngine/TombEditorReleases
    Tomb Editor: Add a set of particle and dynamic light node functions. Add ability to search for invisible texture tiles. Use more consistent naming for newly…


    Tomb Editor:

    • Add a set of particle and dynamic light node functions.
    • Add ability to search for invisible texture tiles.
    • Use more consistent naming for newly generated flipped and split rooms.
    • Write catalog file reading errors to a log file.
    • Build status window now displays the path to the built level.
    • Don't throw useless invalid texture warnings when building a level.
    • Fix TEN texture packer crash if static meshes have more textures than moveables.
    • Fix nodes made from context menu incorrectly linking to selected node as next instead of previous.
    • Fix script ID assignment when duplicating rooms from the context menu or via hotkey command.
    • Fix Lua ID assignment when pasting a group of objects.
    • Fix exception when autosave interval was set to 0 in editor options.
    • Fix several TEN object remaps in TrCatalog.xml.
    • Fix light interpolation for TRNG target if 32-bit lighting option is active.


    • Automatically fix incorrect state IDs for switch objects when converting them to TEN format.
    • Fix incorrect conversion of Lara object in legacy wads to TEN format.
    • Fix incorrect conversion of several objects such as LARA_HOLSTERS to TEN format.
    • Fix exception in mesh editor when a mesh with incorrect sphere radius is selected.
    • Fix more cases of incorrect animation importing.
    • TEN Base WAD:
      • Improve TEN Lara wad base equipment such as pistol holsters.
      • Fix TEN Lara head rotation in shotgun, crossbow, and harpoon gun.


    • Update tomb3 preset to 2.0.2.

    TEN: Version 1.0.9

    • Fix cold bar triggered in non-water rooms.
    • Fix spiky wall speed value and change it via OCB number or Lua (Moveable::SetItemFlags[0]).
    • Fix bats emitter crashing the game if little beetle object does not exist in wad.
    • Fix gunflash rendering and position for entities.
    • Fix snowmobile driver crashing the game.
    • Fix knifethrower not throwing knife.
    • Fix classic rollingball rolling in place into some closed doors.
    • Fix zipline not working properly.
    • Fix missing heavytrigger checks for node events activated from classic triggers.
    • Fix death flag burning enemies underwater.
    • Fix pickups and object collision not working properly in flipped rooms without portals.
    • Fix footprints not being cleared after level change.
    • Fix thumbstick camera option sometimes producing jerky camera movements during object interaction.
    • Fix soundtrack position not restoring if same track is already playing.
    • Fix inventory input interference when entering inventory via puzzle.
    • Fix gamepad still vibrating if Lara was poisoned prior to death.
    • Fix flare brightness.
    • Fix grenade firing angle.
    • Fix rendering for static meshes with custom blending modes and alpha transparency.
    • Fix inconsistent multiline string spacing on different display modes.
    • Remove search object 4 hardcoded meshswap activated with a flipmap.
    • Add TR1 cowboy.
    • Add TR3 wall mounted blade.
    • Add TR3 claw mutant.
    • Add TR5 lasers:
      • Choose colour for the lasers via tint menu.
      • Laser OCB means width of the laser in sectors.
      • Negative OCB laser will trigger heavy trigger.
      • Positive OCB kills Lara.
    • Add removable puzzles from puzzle holes and puzzle dones:
      • Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for either puzzle hole or puzzle done.
      • Can be mixed with puzzle done and puzzle holes of the same or different type.
    • Add reusable keys for key holes:
      • Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for key hole.
    • Allow key hole animation to be played via OCB number:
      • Default OCB 0 will play Lara use key animation.
      • Any positive OCB number will play the animation according to the OCB number.
    • Reimplement fog bulbs.
    • Add missing gunflash for some entities, also include dynamic light and smoke to all gunflashes.
    • Add compass needle wobble in inventory.
    • Add ability to pick up a single inactive flare as an inventory item.
    • Add log reports if title level or other levels don't exist.
    • Add better error handling for missing font, sprites or shaders.
    • Add "Reset to defaults" entry to controls menu and automatically bind XBOX gamepad profile if connected.
    • Add 64-bit executable and place both 32-bit and 64-bit versions into /Bin subdirectory.

    Lua API changes:

    • Add Vec2 class.
    • Add function String::SetTranslated().
    • Add function Misc::IsStringDisplaying().
    • Add the following for use in AddCallback and RemoveCallback:

    NOTE: TEN folder structure has changed because of the inclusion of the 64-bit version. If you are updating existing TEN projects, manually remove all *.dll files and TombEngine.exe from Engine subfolder after copying contents to that folder.

    I really don't know why I am still playing this level, I completed submerged caves and now I am in the mines. I have 10 harpys coming at me with extremely irritating sfx. I might just bin this level.

    Which is sad because I though I would be expecting a very high quality level but it seems it's another level where it was not tested properly with lots of soft locks and confusing design,

    I don't know how you guys feel about this levelset but I am dissapointed :/

    Lure him to the lower floor, that you have much enough time to get up to the ladder. I think he is invulnerable !

    Thank you :) I lured him to the room with spikes and he got stuck there due to collision, I also had to take some damage from spikes (i think it's forced)

    Gonna continue with this level, hopefully I won't be dissapointed anymore but most likely I will be