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    November 11, 2023 at 11:05 PM

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    July 26, 2023 at 6:35 PM

    TEN: Version 1.1.0

    • Fix enemies shooting Lara through static meshes and moveables.
    • Fix skeletons and mummies not being affected by explosive weapons.
    • Fix crash on loading if static meshes with IDs above maximum are present.
    • Fix various crashes specific to 64-bit build.
    • Fix random crashes when playing audio tracks with names longer than 15 symbols.
    • Fix crashes when trying to play .wav audio tracks on some Windows 11 systems.
    • Fix sprint value going below zero.
    • Fix fog bulb density formula.
    • Fix clockwork beetle activation crashing the game.
    • Fix corrupted vehicle positions after savegame reload.
    • Fix default ambience overlapping current one when loading a savegame.
    • Fix doppelganger being limited to a single room.
    • Fix bat AI, damage value, and incorrect collision after death.
    • Fix regeneration for pickups with OCB 128.
    • Fix raising blocks still shaking without OCB.
    • Fix spiky ceiling, improve collision, and allow setting velocity via OCB.
    • Fix TR1 winged mutant pathfinding and damage issues and add new OCBs.
    • Fix TR1 Natla facing angle, bomb and shard projectiles, shooting anim in the second phase.
    • Fix last inventory item position not being saved.
    • Fix some puzzle hole objects crashing the game on item insertion.
    • Fix incorrect harpoon bolt speed and angle when shooting vertically.
    • Fix black shatter debris.
    • Fix Lara's shadow projecting only her joints on some occasions.
    • Fix sun and spot bulbs direction and sheen casts.
    • Fix room collector freezing game on some occasions.
    • Fix incorrect culling for scaled static meshes.
    • Fix normal mapping.
    • Add ability to save screenshot in the "Screenshots" subfolder by pressing the "Print screen" key.
    • Implement separate audio track channel for playing voiceovers with subtitles in .srt format.
    • Don't stop ambience when Lara dies.
    • Pause all sounds when entering inventory or pause menu.
    • Improve deflection against slopes.
    • Move and rotate Lara and activated pickups together with dynamic bridge objects.
    • Reduce camera bounce.
    • Improve spiky wall collision accuracy.
    • Expand control settings page.
    • Allow key bindings for previously hardcoded actions (weapon hotkeys, vehicle controls).
    • Add input actions for weapon scroll.
    • Add splash effect to rockets and grenades when they enter water.
    • Allow multiple doppelgangers by using the same OCB for the origin nullmesh and doppelganger.
    • Add TR1 skateboard kid.
    • Add TR1 Kold.

    Lua API changes:

    • Add soundtrack functions:
      • Misc::GetAudioTrackLoudness() for getting current loudness of a given track type.
      • Misc::IsAudioTrackPlaying() for checking if a given track type is playing.
      • Misc::GetCurrentSubtitle() for getting current subtitle string for the voice track.

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    June 8, 2023 at 6:53 PM

    TEN: Version 1.0.9

    • Fix cold bar triggered in non-water rooms.
    • Fix spiky wall speed value and change it via OCB number or Lua (Moveable::SetItemFlags[0]).
    • Fix bats emitter crashing the game if little beetle object does not exist in wad.
    • Fix gunflash rendering and position for entities.
    • Fix snowmobile driver crashing the game.
    • Fix knifethrower not throwing knife.
    • Fix classic rollingball rolling in place into some closed doors.
    • Fix zipline not working properly.
    • Fix missing heavytrigger checks for node events activated from classic triggers.
    • Fix death flag burning enemies underwater.
    • Fix pickups and object collision not working properly in flipped rooms without portals.
    • Fix footprints not being cleared after level change.
    • Fix thumbstick camera option sometimes producing jerky camera movements during object interaction.
    • Fix soundtrack position not restoring if same track is already playing.
    • Fix inventory input interference when entering inventory via puzzle.
    • Fix gamepad still vibrating if Lara was poisoned prior to death.
    • Fix flare brightness.
    • Fix grenade firing angle.
    • Fix rendering for static meshes with custom blending modes and alpha transparency.
    • Fix inconsistent multiline string spacing on different display modes.
    • Remove search object 4 hardcoded meshswap activated with a flipmap.
    • Add TR1 cowboy.
    • Add TR3 wall mounted blade.
    • Add TR3 claw mutant.
    • Add TR5 lasers:
      • Choose colour for the lasers via tint menu.
      • Laser OCB means width of the laser in sectors.
      • Negative OCB laser will trigger heavy trigger.
      • Positive OCB kills Lara.
    • Add removable puzzles from puzzle holes and puzzle dones:
      • Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for either puzzle hole or puzzle done.
      • Can be mixed with puzzle done and puzzle holes of the same or different type.
    • Add reusable keys for key holes:
      • Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for key hole.
    • Allow key hole animation to be played via OCB number:
      • Default OCB 0 will play Lara use key animation.
      • Any positive OCB number will play the animation according to the OCB number.
    • Reimplement fog bulbs.
    • Add missing gunflash for some entities, also include dynamic light and smoke to all gunflashes.
    • Add compass needle wobble in inventory.
    • Add ability to pick up a single inactive flare as an inventory item.
    • Add log reports if title level or other levels don't exist.
    • Add better error handling for missing font, sprites or shaders.
    • Add "Reset to defaults" entry to controls menu and automatically bind XBOX gamepad profile if connected.
    • Add 64-bit executable and place both 32-bit and 64-bit versions into /Bin subdirectory.

    Lua API changes:

    • Add Vec2 class.
    • Add function String::SetTranslated().
    • Add function Misc::IsStringDisplaying().
    • Add the following for use in AddCallback and RemoveCallback:

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    April 11, 2023 at 5:40 PM

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    February 28, 2023 at 6:25 PM

    TEN: Version 1.0.7

    • Fix spark particles not being cleared on level reload.
    • Fix visible but inactive enemies (e.g. Shiva or Xian guardians) taking damage.
    • Fix blockable LOT type enemies (e.g. T-Rex and Shiva) not being able to step up 1 click or drop 2 clicks.
    • Fix valve switch unable to untrigger objects.
    • Fix valve and wall hole switches (OCB 5 and 6) not working as a timed switches.
    • Fix incorrect Lara alignment on monkeyswing autojump.
    • Fix silent crash if hair object or skin joints are missing.
    • Fix holster meshes not displaying for Lara's shadow.
    • Use Lara object's own meshes if Lara skin object does not exist in level file.
    • Fix TR3 Shiva not taking explosive damage (should still block it with the sword).
    • Fix TR3 Puna boss not blocking projectiles (grenade, rocket, harpoon, bolt) with the shield.
    • Fix TR3 Puna boss and TR5 Roman statue taking fire when shot by explosive ammo.
    • Fix TR2 sword and spear guardian:
      • Not doing transition from alive to stone and stone to alive.
      • Taking damage in stone mode.
      • Wrong joint index for rotating the head and torso.
      • Spear guardian not using left and right spear attack when walking (had wrong state ID set as target).
      • Killing move for spear used wrong value.
    • Fix TR3 big gun spawning rocket with 0 life which caused an immediate explosion.
    • Fix TR3 Tony and add boss effect for him.
    • Add TR3 civvy.
    • Add TR3 electric cleaner.
    • Add TR3 Sophia Leigh with following OCBs:
      • 0 – Normal mode. Sophia behaves like a regular enemy.
      • 1 – Tower mode. Behaviour matched from Tomb Raider III.
      • 2 – Tower mode with volumes. Same as tower mode, but Sophia's ascent can be controlled using volumes in Tomb Editor.
    • Add airlock switch object. Achieved by putting valve switch trigger and door trigger on the same sector (TR5 submarine door setup).
    • Add OCB 7 for switches to be used with SetItemFlags Lua commands for customizing on/off animations and reachable distance.
    • Add instant headshot to guards.
    • Polish the distance position between Lara and switch objects.
    • Adjust rocket ammo pickup from 10 to 1.
    • Improve behaviour of tiger and lion enemies.
    • Implement more realistic water bubble effects.
    • Implement a new stacked pickup display inspired by OpenLara.
    • Prevent Lara from drawing weapons during parallel bar swinging.
    • Further renderer performance optimizations and bugfixes.

    Lua API changes:

    • Fix Camera:SetPosition not updating camera position when it is played simultaneously.
    • Add Moveable:GetAirborne and Moveable:SetAirborne.
    • Add Moveable:GetLocationAI and Moveable:SetLocationAI.

    hey Lara for ever

    ich kann mich noch gut an deine Level Berichte erinnern.

    Ihh hab sie gerne gelesen, hier findet sich sogar noch ein Bericht zu meinem ersten Level ^^ :

    Micky´s Home Forum - Laraforevers Levelberichte - Fortress Stonerock (l.m.)

    Es tut mir leid, dass deine Arbeit quasi "weg" ist, aber über Archive des Internets findest du sicherlich noch einiges zurück.

    Und - vielleicht kannst du auch nach vorne schauen und neue Berichte und Storys schreiben - es gibt sooo viele neue Level zu entdecken!

    Die Community lebt - und das seit mehr als 20 Jahren!

    Hallo und willkommen!

    Kann mich noch an dich erinnern! :winken1:

    Viel Spaß beim "Wieder" Entdecken von Lara :thumbup:

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    January 1, 2023 at 12:42 PM

    TEN: Version 1.0.5

    • Fix combined items not existing in inventory upon game reload.
    • Fix classic rollingball not behaving properly in rooms beyond the distance of 32 blocks.
    • Fix rollingball not killing Lara under certain movement angles.
    • Fix savegame crashes when rooms with static meshes are flipped.
    • Fix discrepancies between statistics and save / load game time units.
    • Fix draw key incorrectly working in binoculars / lasersight mode.
    • Fix incorrect picking up from plinths concealed by raising blocks.
    • Fix reversed grenade rotation.
    • Fix flame emitter 3 not burning player.
    • Fix TR2 yeti, TR3 civvy and MP with stick vault bugs.
    • Fix TR2 worker with flamethrower and TR3 flamethrower baddy attack ranges and aiming issues.
    • Fix TR3 tribeman with axe not attacking Lara.
    • Fix TR3 tribeman with dart not shooting at Lara's direction.
    • Fix TR3 crow and TR4 harpy death animations not performing correctly.
    • Fix TR4 crocodile attack range and joint rotation speed.
    • Fix TR4 Von Croy not using animation for 2 and 3 step down vaults.
    • Fix TR4 baddies not using animation for 3 step down vaults.
    • Fix TR5 laserhead guardian.
    • Fix crash, water death and meshswap issues for TR5 cyborg.
    • Fix pathfinding problems for first initialized enemy of every slot.
    • Fix pathfinding of flying and water creatures (partial).
    • Fix rare crash when smash item is inside a wall and add warning log for the scenario.
    • Fix bone rotations of some entities.
    • Fix Lara's animation for cog switch release.
    • Add new OCB to cog switch object:
      - Use OCB 0 to have the traditional behaviour.
      - Use any other OCB to can use the Cog Switch without need of any door linked.
    • Allow to freely rotate dart emitter in all directions.
    • Customize dart emitter damage with OCB. Negative number will additionally poison Lara.
    • Draw real mesh for darts.
    • Added warning log when one slot requires another slot which is missing.

    Habe diese Woche Urlaub hier gemacht und es war wirklich eine schöne Woche.

    So eine tolle Umgebung!

    Bilder sind von Bayrischzell, Wendelstein, Spitzingsee, Tegernsee und Schliersee.

    Wünsche euch alle einen tollen Start in 2023..!

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    November 11, 2023 at 11:05 PM

    Wie wäre es, für Rätsel & Spiele (wie Hangman, Wörter würfeln, usw.) eine eigene Rubrik im Sonstiges-Bereich aufzumachen? Ich denke, da kommen eh früher oder später noch andere Sachen hinzu. Ich kenne doch meine Pappenheimer noch von der Levelbase... ;)

    Ja.. ich schaue Mal ob ich die Tage dazu komme. Schaue Mal ob ich das mit Moderator rechten hinbekomme ansonsten muss Christoph Mal schauen.

    Zu 1)

    Wie kubsy sagte, Stelle Mal deine *.ten bereit damit wir das nachvollziehen können.

    Zu 2)

    Bräuchte man mehr Infos und Screens.

    Ist der entsprechende Sound grün im Tomb Editor Sound Menü dargestellt?

    Wie wird der Sound ausgelöst? Um welchen Sound handelt es sich genau.

    Die Fehlerquelle kann vielschichtig sein.

    Prüfe Mal im Spiel mit F10 ob der Sound tatsächlich nicht getriggert wird.