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    1) Ja man dürfte das im LUA umändern bzw. aktivieren können. Hatte leider die letzte Zeit nicht so wirklich das ganze verfolgt, da ich recht viel zu tun hatte.

    2) Ja einfach ein Level erstellen mit der Kamerafahrt. Es ist hier nicht so viel anders als mit dem alten LE :)

    illyaine hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:


    Tomb Editor:

    • Add an option to level settings to apply DirectX texture compression for TEN target.
    • Extend 2D map depth bar range for TEN target.
    • Detect TEN version when building a level and throw a warning if target editor version does not match.
    • Initialize nonexistent Lua variables in nodes as initial value for assignment operations.
    • Fix exception when trying to select floor below object out of room bounds.
    • Fix incorrect lighting bit depth when 32-bit lighting option is set for TRNG target.


    • Fix sound previews not working for interpolated frames.
    • Amended slot name for Sophia Leigh in TEN.
    • TEN Base WAD:
      • Addition of dedicated slot ID_MINECART_SWITCH for the minecart vehicle.
      • Removal of duplicated animations in ID_LARA_EXTRA_ANIMS.


    • Amended the TEN preset with the sound file corrections for Sophia Leigh.

    TEN: Version 1.0.7

    • Fix spark particles not being cleared on level reload.
    • Fix visible but inactive enemies (e.g. Shiva or Xian guardians) taking damage.
    • Fix blockable LOT type enemies (e.g. T-Rex and Shiva) not being able to step up 1 click or drop 2 clicks.
    • Fix valve switch unable to untrigger objects.
    • Fix valve and wall hole switches (OCB 5 and 6) not working as a timed switches.
    • Fix incorrect Lara alignment on monkeyswing autojump.
    • Fix silent crash if hair object or skin joints are missing.
    • Fix holster meshes not displaying for Lara's shadow.
    • Use Lara object's own meshes if Lara skin object does not exist in level file.
    • Fix TR3 Shiva not taking explosive damage (should still block it with the sword).
    • Fix TR3 Puna boss not blocking projectiles (grenade, rocket, harpoon, bolt) with the shield.
    • Fix TR3 Puna boss and TR5 Roman statue taking fire when shot by explosive ammo.
    • Fix TR2 sword and spear guardian:
      • Not doing transition from alive to stone and stone to alive.
      • Taking damage in stone mode.
      • Wrong joint index for rotating the head and torso.
      • Spear guardian not using left and right spear attack when walking (had wrong state ID set as target).
      • Killing move for spear used wrong value.
    • Fix TR3 big gun spawning rocket with 0 life which caused an immediate explosion.
    • Fix TR3 Tony and add boss effect for him.
    • Add TR3 civvy.
    • Add TR3 electric cleaner.
    • Add TR3 Sophia Leigh with following OCBs:
      • 0 – Normal mode. Sophia behaves like a regular enemy.
      • 1 – Tower mode. Behaviour matched from Tomb Raider III.
      • 2 – Tower mode with volumes. Same as tower mode, but Sophia's ascent can be controlled using volumes in Tomb Editor.
    • Add airlock switch object. Achieved by putting valve switch trigger and door trigger on the same sector (TR5 submarine door setup).
    • Add OCB 7 for switches to be used with SetItemFlags Lua commands for customizing on/off animations and reachable distance.
    • Add instant headshot to guards.
    • Polish the distance position between Lara and switch objects.
    • Adjust rocket ammo pickup from 10 to 1.
    • Improve behaviour of tiger and lion enemies.
    • Implement more realistic water bubble effects.
    • Implement a new stacked pickup display inspired by OpenLara.
    • Prevent Lara from drawing weapons during parallel bar swinging.
    • Further renderer performance optimizations and bugfixes.

    Lua API changes:

    • Fix Camera:SetPosition not updating camera position when it is played simultaneously.
    • Add Moveable:GetAirborne and Moveable:SetAirborne.
    • Add Moveable:GetLocationAI and Moveable:SetLocationAI.

    illyaine hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:


    TEN: Version 1.0.6

    • Fix major pathfinding bug which could have caused lots of issues with enemy behaviour.
    • Fix potential random crashes due to incorrect rendering behaviour.
    • Fix savegame crash for disabled enemies with partially set activation mask.
    • Fix certain enemies not damaging Lara if binoculars or lasersight mode is active.
    • Fix invisible Lara after starting a new game from title flyby with hidden Lara.
    • Fix backholster weapons not updating their sound position together with player.
    • Fix black screen bug when there was an obstacle between the fixed camera and the target.
    • Fix underwater caustics not appearing without visiting options menu beforehand.
    • Fix TR1 ape climbing.
    • Fix TR1 rat which crashed the game when it was killed.
    • Fix TR2 small spider climbing and pathfinding.
    • Fix TR3 Shiva and TR4 baddy 2 not blocking bullets.
    • Fix TR4 harpy's sting attack which was neither hurting nor poisoning Lara.
    • Fix TR4 SAS teleporting over the blocks he walks by.
    • Fix TR4 seth blades that were doing a double activation when used an OCB different than 0.
    • Fix TR4 skeleton spawn when used with OCB 3.
    • Fix TR4 sphinx solving his bugged behaviour that happened if it received a lot of damage.
    • Fix TR5 Roman statue and its meshswap.
    • Fix TR5 twogun laser guard.
    • Fix enemy projectile effect colours.
    • Fix enemy shadow position.
    • Fix sound positions not updated during flybys.
    • Fix grenade launcher super ammo emitting too many fragments.
    • Fix grenade and rocket launcher lighting.
    • Fix ceiling trapdoor and floor trapdoor that Lara couldn't open manually.
    • Make enemies drop pickups at first available bounding box corner point, not centerpoint.
    • Restore original volumetric explosion effects.
    • Add TR3 lizard and Puna.
    • Add TR3 boss effects in ID_BOSS_SHIELD and ID_BOSS_SHOCKWAVE_EXPLOSION slots.
    • Add an option to activate Lua or node events from legacy triggers.
    • Add more warnings in logs to enemies which animation or required slot is missing.
    • Antitriggering an enemy will now cause it to vanish and pause.
    • Re-triggering an enemy will cause it to reappear and unpause.
    • Lua Moveable functions Enable and Disable now correctly trigger and antitrigger the moveable.
    • Improve level loading speed a lot.

    Lua API changes:

    • Moveable:SetVisible has been added. MakeInvisible is now an alias for SetVisible(false).
    • Moveable:MeshIsVisible is now GetMeshVisible.
    • Moveable:SetMeshVisible has been added to replace ShowMesh/HideMesh.
    • Moveable:MeshIsSwapped is now GetMeshSwapped
    • Primitive Classes (Color, Rotation, Vec3) can now be saved via Levelvars and Gamevars variables.
    • OnSave function now gets called just before data is saved, rather than just after.
    • Add new function CameraObject::PlayCamera().
    • Add new function Misc::GetCameraType().

    NOTE: This version updates level file format, so you should recompile your existing levels, including title. Dummy title level is also provided in TEN update package for existing projects.

    Ein Weihnachtslevel der Weihnachten diesen Jahres veröffentlicht werden soll? Hmm, hmm, hmm... :/

    Hoffentlich heißt er nicht "Check Back Soon!" :whistling:

    Du meinst das eine Türchen vom Adventskalender? :D
    Ne, das Level entsteht abseits des aktuellen Adventskalenders.

    Ja an dich kann ich mich noch gut erinnern. War damals auch bei deinem Forum mit dabei. Hattest ja damals auch hin und wieder mal DVDs angeboten gehabt :D

    Freut Mich das dir meine Levels gefallen haben.

    Aktuell baue ich bald wieder weiter an meinem Weihnachtslevel. Wird zwar erst dieses Jahr an Weihnachten veröffentlicht. Aber hab ja noch ein anderes Projekt welches ich weiter machen werde.

    Und so ein kleines Level mit der TEN für zwischen durch möchte ich dann auch noch machen :D

    Hier selber waren auch bis vor kurzen nur meine Levels zu finden. gibt es ja schon seit gut 20 Jahren. Primär schon immer mit Tutorials, keinen Levels und ein kleines Forum mit u.A. Für Level Tests.

    In dem Punkt wird TRLevel eh nur vereinzelt „zusätzlich“ Levels beinhalten. Aber wird selber keine Seite für Level Downloads. Da man hierfür natürlich das ganze anders ausziehen müsste, und auch einen Server bräuchte mit viel Platz.

    Das mit dem Hall geht auch in FLEP.

    Man kann zwar die TREP Patches schon in FLEP integrieren, aber da muss man sich doch schon etwas mehr mit der Engine auskennen.

    Welche Patches hat T4Larson den so eingebaut? Evtl. gibt es ja den ein oder anderen schon in FLEP.

    Ja dort ist es recht schön.

    Von mir aus sind es ca 150 km entfernt :D

    War dort auch schon recht oft; bzw zum Ski fahren in sudelfeld. Ist direkt dort aufn Berg.

    Aber hoffe die Heimfahrt heute ist nicht so stressig für dich.


    Hmm, unfortunately Windows deletes the TEN update for me when I want to download it. TE itself went without problems.

    The following message comes up:


    Therefore, I am not offering it here until this has been checked.

    illyaine hat eine neue Version hinzugefügt:


    Tomb Editor:

    • Add several node functions for room scripting.
    • Add TestMoveableFrameNumber node function for moveables.
    • Allow free axis rotation for dart emitter object in TEN projects.
    • Offset pasted nodes if they land on same position.
    • Fix exception when trying to copy lua name to clipboard for objects without a name.
    • Fix sound sources not properly compiled for TEN.
    • Fix game executable path field not displaying properly for TEN target in level settings.


    • Add animation names to ID_SWAT and ID_GUARD.
    • Add Ctrl+I shortcut in animation editor to interpolate frames.
    • Use timeline selection size as a default value for interpolated frame count.
    • Fix state ID list not properly selecting states with similar names.
    • Fix incorrect remapping of TR1-TR3 rollingballs to TEN.


    • Update Tomb1Main preset to 2.12.
    • Update TR3 preset to include tomb3 project.

    TEN: Version 1.0.5

    • Fix combined items not existing in inventory upon game reload.
    • Fix classic rollingball not behaving properly in rooms beyond the distance of 32 blocks.
    • Fix rollingball not killing Lara under certain movement angles.
    • Fix savegame crashes when rooms with static meshes are flipped.
    • Fix discrepancies between statistics and save / load game time units.
    • Fix draw key incorrectly working in binoculars / lasersight mode.
    • Fix incorrect picking up from plinths concealed by raising blocks.
    • Fix reversed grenade rotation.
    • Fix flame emitter 3 not burning player.
    • Fix TR2 yeti, TR3 civvy and MP with stick vault bugs.
    • Fix TR2 worker with flamethrower and TR3 flamethrower baddy attack ranges and aiming issues.
    • Fix TR3 tribeman with axe not attacking Lara.
    • Fix TR3 tribeman with dart not shooting at Lara's direction.
    • Fix TR3 crow and TR4 harpy death animations not performing correctly.
    • Fix TR4 crocodile attack range and joint rotation speed.
    • Fix TR4 Von Croy not using animation for 2 and 3 step down vaults.
    • Fix TR4 baddies not using animation for 3 step down vaults.
    • Fix TR5 laserhead guardian.
    • Fix crash, water death and meshswap issues for TR5 cyborg.
    • Fix pathfinding problems for first initialized enemy of every slot.
    • Fix pathfinding of flying and water creatures (partial).
    • Fix rare crash when smash item is inside a wall and add warning log for the scenario.
    • Fix bone rotations of some entities.
    • Fix Lara's animation for cog switch release.
    • Add new OCB to cog switch object:
      • Use OCB 0 to have the traditional behaviour.
      • Use any other OCB to can use the Cog Switch without need of any door linked.
    • Allow to freely rotate dart emitter in all directions.
    • Customize dart emitter damage with OCB. Negative number will additionally poison Lara.
    • Draw real mesh for darts.
    • Added warning log when one slot requires another slot which is missing.

    Lua API changes:

    • Add new Room class and several methods for it.