Mirrors 1.0.0

Mirror Demo

In this demo, you can see some new kind of mirrors that you can create with TRNG:

A) Horizontal Mirror.

This mirror is very similar than old mirror you can see in coastal, but in this case you can duplicate also other moveable, and they will be moved and animated in specular way like if they were really reflected by mirror.

In image A you can se lara while she is pushing a pushable object while in mirror room another lara push the same pushable object.

In same picture you can see the mummy, in main room and in reflex room.

To realize this target it's necessary set a correct Mirror script command where you type the indices of moveable (in main room) to duplicate in hidden room.

See description of Mirror script command for more infos.

B) Horizontal Reverse Mirror.

In picture B you can see another horizontal mirror but in this case the reflection is inverted, like it happened in old tomb raider 1, when Lara met her alien clone.

Also in this mirror type you can set moveable (the skeleton in B picture) and also them will be moved in inverse mode.

C) Floor Mirror

In picture C you can see a floor mirror.

D) Ceiling Mirror.

In picture D you can see the ceiling mirror.

This mirror is a bit boring because with look command lara is not very able to see her on the ceiling.

If you wish use this kind of mirror, I suggest to modify the view camera in that situation, using a fixed camera or some new trng feature to inquadrate lara from different position, to get to see in better way the real lara and reflected lara in same time.