BtB2024 - Temple of Amon Rat

  • I have reached the second level which is the actual temple level. However, the game crashed when loading a save before that at the end of the "Somehere in Egypt" level when I was searching for secrets. I had to delete/reinstall the entire game (Windows10) and clear the registry, windows cache, etc. to reload a savegame.

    Thus, you should save regularly in case you encounter this crash problem which is not from Windows, but rather the builder's tools because this type of save load problem has occurred in previous trle levels that use the same textures, objects, etc. such as the Persia levels, etc.

    Also, beware that starting this game may automatically connect to the internet!!! Something that may be triggering the virus scanner programs saying that (Malwarebytes) and customlevels are bad.

  • Put the whole game folder into the exception list of your virus scanner, do the same procedure with the built in virus scanner of windows.
    It's a false positive message because of the patched trle.exe and the attached extension dll's.

    The crash has other reasons, see the error reports of windows. I have at least two BtB 2024 games which don't start direct from the game menu if you want to reload a save game. In such a case start the TR game new and load the resp. save game.

  • Im ersten Part ist das alles ziemlich weitläufig, sieht aber klasse aus und man kann schnell mit den Buggy wohin fahren. komischweise sind zwei Türen noch zugewesen. obwohl ich dies Anhk Teil eingesetzt habe und auch nach dem langen Tauchgang fehlte mir ein Teil., in zweiten Part wird das wieder abgespaced, ziemlich viel aufwand, um den einen Block zu befreien. Mal schauen, wie man von hier wieder zurückkommt..

  • Durch bin ich, mit dem Ancient Text sucht Lara das Weite. Und was hat die sonst noch dabei? Einen Schlapphut.... ^^
    4 Secrets fand ich auch: 2 in Teil 1 und 2 in Teil 2

    Schöner Abenteuerlevel, mit futuristischen Anleihen, und gut spielbar. In der großen Höhle hatte ich allerdings leicht Orientierungsschwierigkeiten gehabt. Szenisch gehobene Klasse, Musik stimmte auch, die Stimmung sowieso. Feinde gut eingesetzt, der LB verzichte auf langwierige Schießereien. Gut so.
    Allerdings hat ich manchmal den Eindruck der LB wollte etwas mehr einbauen, scheiterte an der Abgabefrist oder so.

    Hinweise: Beide Skelette in der kleinen Kammer mit einem Pfeil wegpusten und nicht nur die Köpfe. Denn eines der Skelette verliert etwas was man unbedingt braucht. Im Raum mit dem Seil sollte man doppelt abspeichern. Bei der Kugel #1 kommt man leicht in einen Illegal Slope rein und Lara dafür auch nicht mehr raus.

  • I see you also found the easter egg (Indy hat). You start the game with both the ankh and scarab. However, the scarab is used to open a door to leave the first temple building (Jonah part). I assume the player can find the Indy hat before going inside that building with Jonah, but I found it afterwards.

    The ankh was never used when you finish the Temple of Amon Rat level building (game.)

    As one reviewer commented, the builder probably hurried completion to meet the contest deadline, which explains the poor ending sending Lara back to the start without a proper trigger end (not satisfying). Thus, I believe that the intended game plan to use the ankh was never achieved.

  • I got the same as you, and I looked absolutely everywhere when I played. No other easter eggs found (nor by the video walkthrough people). Regarding the ankh, it is supposed to be placed in the block at the start of the game (top of stairs) when Lara first meets Jonah. However, nothing happens by putting it there. The game can be completed whether the ankh is used or not.

    Presumably, this is not what the builder intended, but as I suggested earlier, the builder must have been unable to complete the full game. The ankh was probably supposed to activate something after the temple was completed and Lara went back to the town/desert/Nile (I'm guessing and the game often crashes at this end point).

    There is a bug where the ankh is used (but not from the ankh). If Lara walks in the corridor behind the pillars to one of 2 locations, the trapdoor in the right-side room may automatically open whether Jonah went there or not. Also, the level is very crash-prone from the dlls that are not really compatible with Windows anymore. I tried loading several of my savegames and they only crash to the desktop. Thus, the builder pasted this level together and really needed more time to complete the task.

    I think it is really time to end these stupid contests with deadlines, and switch instead to a biennial or triennial award system like the Hall of Fame where the best or most popular levels released in those years wins a prize (like real-world award events). This would instead encourage all builders (all websites) to build the best levels they can in an adequate amount of time using any tools that are COMPATIBLE and BUG-FREE in Windows 10/11 (and not using FLEP or such). The current crash problem is probably caused by all those current plug-ins using VS2010 which is 100% INCOMPATIBLE with WIN10/11 (not supported by Microsoft any longer - Microsoft is constantly updating WIN10/11 in its monthly patches and browser updates unlike the service paks of WIN7 and earlier which may cause incompatibility - they did this trick first with WIN-ME). Sometimes the plug-ins will work, other times not. They need to be recompiled with VS2015-2022 (the most current version was released 2 months ago by Microsoft).

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  • Klei aber fein, mit einige Aliencave Einlagen.
    Da fehlten an einigen Stellen einige Wände,
    aber anscheinend hat hier die Zeit nicht ganz gereicht alles perfekt zu bauen.
    Trotzdem sehr gut zu spielen, insbesondere der erste Teil, der mir auch viel besser gefallen hat :)


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